A number of photos from the 1950’s and 60’s with author Joe Herzberg, growing up Catholic in Augusta GA.

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  1. Charles Trout
    Charles Trout says:

    Having a special needs daughter myself I can know from personal recollection that it is a rather scary or Ery type of a thought. My first incarnation was to think I was being punished for my wayward childhood. I could go on but I think we get the idea. As time grew older and I found my way back to the church and all its Majesty and all the wonderful beautiful things that are there for us to learn what Grace is, i now perceive my ill feelings and missed place feelings to that of graceful feelings. It’s in large part to my faith but I attributed more to the autobiography of saint Catherine of Siena. I have a deep affection for Saint Catherine and I learned a lot about the soul from reading her life. So let’s perk up, let’s look up give God his just due and through the example of the young football player we can overcome this way word concoction of humanism and stay stuck in it or we can look towards heaven and try to trust what God is doing.After all,,we’re it not for God ,I would never have meet St.Catherine,,,his great disciple.

    • Joe Herzberg
      Joe Herzberg says:


      Your rising above your personal challenges and obstacles is a testament to God’s grace and your own tenacity to keep moving, in service to God and neighbor through your Catholic faith. Next Spring, we will both be professed Third Order Carmelites, ready to go deeper to help bring the good news of salvation through Christ to all.

      Happy New Year!


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