A Journey of Faith – Part 4 of 8

Eighth grade graduation has always been a big deal in Catholic schools, and I still have our 1965 class picture, where we all got dressed up, all ready to make the next move, which in Augusta was Aquinas High School. The year before, Bishop McDonough of Savannah had confirmed us at St. Joseph’s, and beyond […]

A Spiritual Journey– Part 3 of 8

Being an altar boy was a big deal, starting from the first grade through the eighth. We were given Mass cards in Latin, and it took some time before I understood the English translation. At Sacred Heart School, as altar servers we were identified and pulled out of class on occasion to serve at funerals […]

A Journey of Faith-Part 2 of 8

With many military families, money was always tight, so the collective transportation solution (through St. Joseph’s Church) to get the kids to Sacred Heart School was in the form of a well-worn, early 1950’s faded yellow Chevrolet school bus. Mr. Atwood was the one bus driver I remember, an elderly fellow who picked us up […]

Journey of Faith-Part 1 of 8

My parents, Cliff and Audrey, then in their early 30’s, moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia in 1953, pursuant to my Dad accepting an assignment at Camp Gordon, GA. Dad was a sergeant with the Signal Corps, working in World War II type wooden barracks at the fort, and settling his family, including my Mom, sister […]